Thursday, January 29, 2009


This is my cute niece in her (as I like to call it) rocker chic outfit. She was a cutie and a perfect model even though it was cold and starting to rain. Although, she does know the routine since she is a frequent model of mine.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Leena (spells trouble)






So here is my Leedos. This little one is gonna be big trouble. I mean just look at those beautiful puppy dog eyes and she isn't afraid to use them. Oh, and thanks Auntie Fairy for the way cute hats you made them. They love em.
Also, for those who check out my blog leave a comment. I'm not asking for praise, although it never bothers me to receive it, I just want this to be informative for those looking as well as for me, so I appreciate any feedback. Go ahead and tell me if your not lovin' it and why. And if you do love it, why? I know it can be a pain to leave a comment, but thanks in advance. Just think that it is for the betterment(?) of others or rather me.

Dopie (it's what she calls herself)

This is her shy, but I know I'm cute look. She does it when she is being cute and then she realizes someone spotted her. I quess it is her version of biting her nails. Love it!

My little Dopes. She wanted to be a star too. She's my little pal these days and gives plenty of hugs and kisses, but it still isn't enough for me. Love my babes. Reveal your fave......


Tori was great. You can tell when your subject gets comfortable in front of the camera, they start having fun. We had a good time. My favs are the top two shots. I love her dark hair and dark eyes and beautiful skin.

Lynsie & Michael Wedding

This shoot was fun, but the coldest yet. I think it was only in the 20's. They were troopers though and we got some sweet shots.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Lynsie Bridals

This was a fun shoot. She wanted a little variety and I think we got it. We hit a couple of different spots and she was up for anything. I love it when brides have fun on shoots.


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