Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh Brother!

This is my sweet boy who humored me by allowing me to take his pictures. He just about had enough at one point and just couldn't take the stress of it all. This is him exhausted at looking at his mom behind the camera.
Bradyn, I do apologize to have tortured you so. Standing there looking as handsome as you, I thought would be so easy. Know I will do it again and again and will not regret my actions. It is because of you that must do this. Just think bud, someday you will thank me.......well maybe not, but your grandparents do and I appreciate it. Thank you and I love you dearly.


RBP_4761 2copy


Not sure which edit I prefer. The top one has more of an antque feel. Bottom more crisp. Give me your vote and comment.


I took my boy out the other day to the same spot as my daughter and this is what we got. I had fun and he tolerated it. It couldn't have been all that bad because we got some good happy shots too. Post above tells more of the story.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Morning With My Girl



The weather is getting nice so I thought I would take one of my girls out to play. I get to play with my camera and she gets to play model, which she doesn't mind, except for the last shot. She didn't love the blue hat in this shot because it is a little smaller than the yellow (shown above, notice no pouting in that one) and she said it didn't let her eyebrows go up. Apparently she needs to have full mobility of eyebrows. So I couldn't help myself and took a few of her pouting. Ahhh, she still is adorable even when she pouts.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Slaughter Crew

RBP_4374 sat

This is a good friend of mine and her kids. They are all adorable. I loved them all, but the first is probably my favorite of this shoot. Her simple expression with those beautiful lips and eyes, is gorgeous.


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