Thursday, July 28, 2011


I find Groomals a strange way to describe bridals but with the groom. It makes it seem like it is just the groom being shot. Formals is another word used for this type of shoot, but it makes me think of prom. So I think I will make up my own word to describe taking the bride and groom on a shoot before the wedding. I was thinking Groodals or Brimals. So I want to leave it to a vote. Which one do you prefer? Formals, Groomals, Groodals, or Brimals. I think I am partial to Brimals. ;)
So here is an awesome couple in an awesome location with some awesome shots.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

B & A

I thought I would post a before and after shot. I don't think everyone quite realizes that so much time is spent on the computer post production. After you take a picture there are a few things that can be done that make it shine just a little more. With everyone having a digital camera these days I think photoshop skills is a way to make your photos stand out of a crowd. I'm not saying that using photoshop makes you better, in fact I feel very strongly that taking the shot right in camera is what makes or breaks the photo. I am planning on getting back into film, which is what I learned on and still love. The ability to edit a photo is a form of art to me and is part of the creation process to any beautiful work of art. It is also a matter of taste as is anything with art. I feel it is creating art in photography and the sky is the limit. When I take a picture I usually have the end result in my head. When the sun glows just right behind a subject and their eyes sparkle....I see it through my lens. I just have to come home and make it come to life on the screen. It requires a lot of time, but is one of the things I really enjoy in photography. I used to work in a one hour lab and then in a custom lab down town. I loved taking the negatives, making a test print and then making my corrections to have the final print look it's best. With the film age being over ran by digital, the process for me is the same, just in the comfort of my home and on my computer screen.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Baby Bumps

I convinced my good friend to get some quick maternity shots. So glad she agreed because they turned out beautiful. Although, it is hard to detect she is 8 months pregnant in most of them. Looking forward to the new arrival.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Baby Bumps

Little sis is having baby #1. I love this time, such anticipation and excitement.


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